Grantham and district bowls leagues round-up

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Vale of Belvoir Bowling League’s competition finals day was held at Knipton Bowls Club on Sunday.

Competing were 20 bowlers representing eight of the league’s clubs.

Results: Ladies’ Singles – Mrs K. Drew (Barnstone) beat Mrs J. Barker (Harlaxton) 21-10.

Men’s Four-wood Singles – A. Stafford (Arnoldfield) beat K. Bell (Bingham) 21-10.

Jon Carlton Singles – L. Payling (Barnstone) beat R. Thornton 22-10.

Open Pairs – N. Drew and B. Hogg (Barnstone) beat K. Bell and P. Evans (Bingham) 22-20.

Les Sills Plate – A. Stafford (Arnoldfield) beat C. Goodley (Arnoldfield) 2-0.

Champion of Champions – singles – S. Ayling (Balderton) beat T. Dennett (Radcliffe on Trent) 21-14; pairs – P. Aylward and G. Taylor (Barnstone) beat D. Carlton and Mrs P. Carlton 23-11; triples – J. Millington, L. Hamer and R. Barnes (Bottesford) beat S. Ayling, Mrs J. Ayling and B. Barber (Balderton) 21-12.


Wyndham Park 60

Grantham Town 74

Wyndham Park names first – S. Brandom, K. Hallam and D. Abernethy lost to B. Hodder, J. Lewis and J. Pask 10-20; N. Pantling, M. Cardwell and M. C. Cardwell lost to B. Patton, S. Harrison and W. Johnson 14-16; M. Sharp, B. Tilley and B. Roberts beat J. Duke, D. Pimm and T. Oxley 22-15; J. McKee, A. Ludwig and I. Howlett lost to T. Summer, A. Gostick and T. Berridge 14-23.

Wyndham Park 69

Long Bennington Eagles 77

Wyndham Park names first – S. Brandom, K. Bancroft and D. Abernethy lost to R. Coy, T. Hoole and P. Jordon 18-21; M. Cardwell, J. Cawkwell and M. C. Cardwell lost to J. Connolly, J. Morris and M. Dring 9-24; T. Hinman, S. Dawes and B. Roberts drew with A. Tivey, P. Dallaway and R. Simpson 20-20; I. Ludwig, A. Ludwig and I. Howlett beat M. Tivey, L. Hamshere and N. Smith 22-12.

Grantham & District Association

Friday League

Great Gonerby 93

Grantham 45

Gonerby names first – M. Halls and M. Massingham beat P. Thompson and T. Berridge 26-13; L. Blankley and K. Wilson beat D. Pimm and T. Oxley 17-16; P. Jones, D. Holton and R. Childs beat B. Patten, H. Orbell and J. Pask 24-3; B. Papworth, L. Turner and K. Wilson beat B. Hodder, B. Thompson and P. Harby 26-13.

Monday League

Vacu-Lug 55

Grantham 60

Vacu-Lug names first – J. Williamson, P. Armstrong and S. Odams lost to J. Duke, L. Anderson and T. Oxley 18-21; I. Kettle, S. Davies and I. Robotham beat T. Sumner, T. Asher and Jay Lewis 23-17; J. Nicholson, R. Tilley and F. Atter lost to J. Asher, S. Harrison and Joe Lewis 14-22.

Lincs League Fours

Grantham 52

Branston 36

T. Sumner, J. Duke, T. Asher and J. Lewis lost 8-16; S. Harrison, J. Asher, L. Anderson and Joe Lewis won 28-8; B. Smith, G. Jackson, J. Stanfield and A. Brunton won 16-12.

Lincs ASC

Vacu-Lug 57

Grantham 38

Vacu-Lug names first – R. Atter, R. Tilley and S. Stafford beat D. Rainsford, J. Duke and T. Oxley 19-11; I. Robotham, P. Balfe and B. McLean beat B. Hodder, D. Pimm and T. Berridge 16-12; P. Hampshire, C. Abbott and J. Cockcroft beat J. Asher, R. Smith and T. Asher 22-15.