Grantham area bowls results

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Grantham League


Corby Glen 33

Grantham 57

Corby Glen names first – M. Dawson, M. Wood and J. Simpson lost to D. Rainsford, T. Asher and Jay Lewis 10-19; N. Lomas, C. Osborne and T. Taylor lost to J. Asher, L. Anderson and Joe Lewis 7-29; J. Boother, T. Ray and B. Powles lost to T. Sumner, J. Duke and N. Smith 16-9.

Belvoir League


Wyndham Park 73

Knipton 74

Wyndham names first – J. McKee, D. Abernethy and B. Roberts lost to P. Arbon, P. Carlton and B. Hollingsworth 18-20; M. Cardwell, M. C. Cardwell and B. Tilley beat D. Arbon, K. Noble and R. Leadenham 21-15; S. Dawes, J. Cawkwell and T. Howlett lost to A. Leadenham, D. Lester and G. Stafford 18-20; N. Pantling, P. Emmett and B. Roberts lost to J. Baker, K. Smith and D. Carlton 16-19.

Wyndham Park 38

Belvoir Vale 68

Wyndham names first – G. Hasnip, K. Hallam and B. Roberts lost to G. Harrop, W. Rawling and J. Exton 9-11; J. McKee, M. Cardwell and M. C. Cardwell lost to E. Harrop, T. Webb and T. Simons 9-13; S. Brandom, D. Abernethy and B. Tilley lost to J. Lambert, L. Pugh and S. Gant 6-29; P. Riches, S. Dawes and B. Roberts lost to B. Exton, M. Wright and J. Law 14-15.


Harlaxton 98

Knipton 83

Harlaxton names first – K. C. Smith, G. Raistrick and D. Hill beat A. Leadenham, D. Lester and D. Carlton 29-20; R. Barker, J. Barker and P. McHugh beat C. Smith, M. Duff and B. Hollingworth 23-17; M. P. Laws, E. Clark and P. Clark drew with P. Carlton, G. Stafford and R. Leadenham 26-26; M. Nix, P. Johnson and C. Johnson drew with D. Arbon, K. Noble and W. Leadenham 20-20.

St James 94

Harlaxton 95

St James names first – T. Scholey, R. Fardell and E. Walton lost to M. Nix, F. Rivers and K. C. Smith 18-26; B. Kirk, R. Fox and R. Gibson lost to T. Asher, K. Street and G. Rushby 22-24; K. Marshall, G. Bungay and A. Kirk beat J. Leadenham, G. Raistrick and M. P. Laws 25-19; B. Ford, G. Chapman and E. Walker beat A. Newton, V. Newton and P. McHugh 29-26.

Freedom & Fellowship

Dysart Park 96

Gonerby 83

Dysart names first – P. Newton, R. Smith and J. Sayer lost to L. Blankley, D. Holton and M. Massingham 23-19; E. Wakeland, L. Thompson and C. Bland lost to B. Papworth, P. Edwards and Keith Wilson 21-20; D. Warren, R. Tupper and B. Veasey lost to M. Halls, L. Lord and L. Turner 28-27; S. Yates, B. Vessey and C. Dexter beat I. Lord, J. Prater and Kev Wilson 24-17.

Willoughby Cup

Vacu-Lug 2nd 56

Gonerby 111

Vacu-Lug names first – S. Balfe, I. Kettle and S. Odams lost to B. Papworth, J. Prater and K. Wilson 26-8; D. Cryer, I. Robotham and M. Allen lost to M. Halls, L. Lord and R. Childs 34-15; S. Davies, R. Tilley and C. Abbott lost to L. Turner, P. Edwards and I. Lord 29-15; L. Blankley, P. Jones and M. Massingham lost to L. Blankley, P. Jones and M. Massingham 22-18.

Corporation Doubles

First round

A. Blackburn beat M. Massingham 22-13, B. Papworth AW v K. Gardner CON, R. Barnes lost to Jay Lewis 11-32, Kev Wilson lost to D. Warren 16-27, A. Stafford lost to C. Abbott 20-23, L. Turner beat N. Davis 20-14, R. Sowerby lost to R. Lewis 19-21, J. Geeson AW v J. Morris CON.

Hutchinson Cup

First round

P. Edwards AW v M. Parker CON, B. Papworth AW v K. Lilley CON, J. Prater lost to D. Holton 8-21, M. Halls AW v I. Kettle CON, G. Taylor beat J. Pask 21-17, L. Turner lost to R. Atter 18-21, R. Barnes lost to D. Woods 6-21, L. Blankley lost to P. Musson 11-21.

Hopkin Shield

Preliminary round

C. Davis beat P. Riches 21-13, J. Geeson CON v M. Allen AW.

Lincs ASC

Billinghay 49

Grantham 48

D. Rainsford, D. Pimm and Jay Lewis lost 19-11; J. Asher, R. Smith and T. Asher lost 24-13; B. Hodder, J. Duke and Joe Lewis won 24-6.

Lincs EBA Fours

R. Lewis, C. Jackson, T. Oxley and W. Brunton won 35-7; T. Sumner, J. Duke, T. Asher and Jay Lewis won 19-12; B. Smith, L. Anderson, J. Stanfield and A. Brunton won 16-8.