Grantham area bowls results round-up

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Grantham League


Swayfield 73

Corby Glen 29

Swayfield names first – M. Sharp, J. Bainbridge and N. Davis beat M. Wood, J. Boother and B. Powles 19-13; I. Richardson, J. Huckerby and T. Harwood beat N. Lomas, T. Dawson and M. Beaton 22-10; R. Selby, R. Halsey and H. Mumby beat M. Dawson, B. Acock and G. Osborne 32-6.

Grantham 66

Corby Glen 34

Grantham names first – P. Ritchie, T. Asher and J. Lewis lost to M. Wood, J. Boother and B. Powles 15-19; K. Whatmore, R. Sowerby and Joe Lewis beat T. Dawson and M. Beaton 26-10; J. Asher, T. Sumner and N. Smith beat T. Ray, J. Beaton and J. Simpson 25-5.


Swayfield 86

Vacu-Lug 69

Swayfield names first – M. Sharp, R. Halsey and H. Mumby beat D. Dickinson, A. Ambrose and S. Balfe 28-9; R. Selby, J. Huckerby and W. Flowers beat J. Williamson, P. Armstrong and M. Allen 25-25; I. Richardson and N. Davis lost to J. Hanbury and P. Balfe 14-21; J. Bainbridge and M. Lyon lost to S. Davies and I. Robotham 19-24.

Belvoir League


Grantham 79

Willoughby 62

J. Asher, H. Orbell and Jay Lewis won 18-12; B. Patten, T. Asher and Joe Lewis drew 12-12; A. Gostick, T. Sumner and W. Johnson won 27-26; R. Sumner, J. Duke and L. Anderson won 22-12.

Lincs League Fours

Grantham 54

Branston 38

J. Asher, T. Asher, Jay Lewis and Joe Lewis lost 17-18; T. Sumner, L. Anderson, B. Smith and J. Stanfield won 15-12; K. Whatmore, R. Sumner, N. Smith and N. Orrey won 22-8.


Long Bennington A 54

Grantham 42

Bennington names first – P. Dallaway, B. Garton and P. Fordham lost to T. Sumner, R. Smith and Joe Lewis 11-21; J. Hall, T. Hoole and N. Smith beat R. Sumner, D. Rainsford and Jason Lewis 19-8; J. Morris, G. Hall and M. Dring beat J. Asher, R. Sowerby and T. Asher 24-13.

l Grantham Bowls Club are hosting a Midland Counties match between Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire tomorrow (Saturday), starting at 2pm.