Grantham indoor bowls round-up

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club results:

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Skegness 116

Grantham 74

S Richards, D Rainsford, H Whatley, J Lewis lost 11-25 ; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, W Shores lost 14-33; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling drew 20-20; K German, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 15-23; J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods lost 14-15.

Dunholme 116

Grantham 80

S Richards, R Barnes, H Whatley, W Shores lost 12-26; K German, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 22-14; M Palmer, S Leverett, D Anderton, I Cole lost 15-27; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling lost 19-24; C Davis, D Rainsford, G Keasley, C Goodley lost 12-25

Lincolnshire Men’s Over-60s League.

Grantham 95

Long Sutton 81

W Stevenson, M Cardwell, C Goodley, B Allen lost 16-18; I Lord, A Curtis, B Goodchild, D Hill won 23-12; C Parkin, M Le Hair, T Asher, J Lewis drew 18-18; D Abernethy, C Richardson, A Alexander, L Payling lost 14-17; D Rainsford, D Pimm, I Cole, R Turnbull won 24-16.

Club friendlies

Grantham 200

Boots 89

S Richards, H Whatley, J Kime won 32-18; P Warner, J Tinkley, R Warner won 31-18; J Asher, D Rainsford, T Asher lost 14-24; K German, S Leverett, W Stevenson won 42-7; K Duller, H Ward, E Ward won 28-15; Mary Cardwell, M Cardwell, J Lewis won 53-7.

Boston 104

Grantham 132

S Richards, D Rainsford, H Whatley, J Lewis won 26-15; J Beardsley, H Ward, E Ward, S Beardsley lost 12-22; C Davis, C Parkin, C Goodley, A Berridge won 21-16; K Germany, R Baxter, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 29-13; L Appleyard, A Woodward, M Appleyard, N Smith won 27-22, J Hall, Mary Cardwell, M Cardwell, G Hall won 17-16.

Sencit League

Bottesford 45

Barnstone 55

Bottesford names first: R Giles, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 14-19 to W Snowdon, G Taylor, R Smith; R Barnes, C Richardson, P Bennett, W Shores beat J Hogg, E Plowright, B Hogg, A Murray 23-10; G Smart, M Parsons, V Palmer, J Parsons lost 8-26 to H McCandless, C Hogg, S Payling, L Payling.

Barnstone 43

Grantham 69

Barnstone names first: W Snowdon, C Hogg, E Plowright, P Aylward lost 18-24 to J Beardsley, Mary Cardwell, M Cardwell, S Beardsley; A Parker, J Parker, P Greer, D Sykes lost 14-25 to Da Lester, B Patten, G Stafford, H Whatley; J Hogg, B Perkins, B Hogg, K Perkins lost 11-20 to Do Lester, L Appleyard, J King, M Appleyard.

Dysart Park 45

Arnoldfield 46

Dysart Park names first: J Waterall, L Thompson, C Bland, F Evans beat G Bland, F Gowler, B Marston, D Gowler 20-16; L Bainbridge, A Collins, D Holton, A Briggs lost 14-16 to K Smith, A Curtis, J Hanbury, G Lloyd; C Parkin, J Woodward, K Duller, B Roberts lost 11-14 to A Alexander, H Housley, M Goodchild, B Goodchild.