Grantham indoor bowls round-up

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Latest results from Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club:

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 138

Louth 83

B Smith, D Rainsford, M Carter, B Allen drew 23-23; I Cole, R Barker, M Eurich, M Parker won 20-17; R Lewis, J Kime, A Berridge, Joe Lewis won 40-12; N Smith, A Curtis, Jay Lewis, T Berridge won 29-16; T Sumner, T Asher, K Lilley, J Stanfield won 26-15.

Lincolnshire Men’s Over-60s League

Grantham 113

Stamford 69

M Le Hair, T Asher, L Payling, J Lewis won 18-11; C Richardson, R Payne, G Hall, A Palmer won 24-18; W Stevenson, M Cardwell, C Goodley, B Allen won 35-7; J Kime, N Smith, I Cole, R Turnbull won 21-13; I Lord, A Briggs, B Goodchild, D Hill lost 15-20.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Horncastle 139

Grantham 51

S Richards, D Abernethy, H Whatley, I Cole lost 27-9; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, C Goodley lost 33-10; J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods lost 31-14; K Germany, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 30-8; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling lost 18-10.

Club friendlies

Grantham 98

Rutland Tourists 95

P Warner, Do Lester, R Warner, D Lester won 18-15; M Payne, H Ward, E Ward, R Payne lost 9-24; M Cardwell, J Kime, Merv Cardwell, J Lewis won 19-8; J Asher, I Ludwig, A Ludwig, T Asher won 18-16; D Rainsford, C Parkin, S Beardsley, N Smith won 22-12; A Woodward, J Tinkley, P Riches, R Baxter lost 12-20.

Grantham 137

Stamford 104

P Warner, H Ward, E Ward, R Warner lost 18-21; J Asher, D Abernethy, S Beardsley, T Asher won 35-8; K Germany, B Patten, W Stevenson, J Kime won 22-20; S Richards, J Tinkley, H Whatley, Jay Lewis won 25-19; Mary Cardwell, D Rainsford, M Cardwell, N Smith, lost 13-20; A Woodward, R Baxter, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 24-16.

Inter-club Competition (series)

Melton Mowbray 64

Grantham 75

R Moore, C Parkin, F Evans lost 15-18; I Ludwig, A Ludwig, D Woods lost 7-18; Do Lester, S Payling, L Payling lost 10-11; J Gowler, Da Lester, D Gowler won 12-6; P Hewitt, A Alexander, I Lord won 16-5; J Asher, M Sharp, T Asher won 15-6.