Home comforts pay off to defeat touring side

Grantham and Thornaby players line up.
Grantham and Thornaby players line up.
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The two teams are pictured as Grantham entertained a touring Thornaby side.

And the day proved victorious for the home side, who were convincing winners.

There was also a victory for Grantham at home to Horncastle in the county Over 60s League.


Friendly - Grantham 129 Thornaby 86: J. Burton, G. Solesbury, K. Solesbury, T. Asher beat S. Davies, M. Forsyth, P. Ferguson V. Thwaites 25-9, L. Appleyard, G. Parrish, E. Meakins, M. Appleyard beat J. Forsyth, M. Gillings, A. Shaw, C. Obriordan 22-14, J. Asher, P. Burton, M. LeHair, J. Lewis drew with P. Thwaites, P. Oshea, C. Coates, W. Peiron 16-16, T Berridge, R. Baxter, R. Sowerby beat T. Leeson, T. O’Sshea, M. Millward, S. Crocker 30-14, K. Germany, E. Hoare, C. Tuckwood, H. Whatley beat V. Marshall, P. Marshall, E. Hannaford, B. Hannaford 21-15, D. McCarroll, C. McCarroll, L. Smith, G. Smith lost to P. Heskethh, J. Green, F. Crocker, D. Richards 15-18.

Lincolnshire Over 60s League - Grantham 109 Horncastle 70: C. Richardson, S. Potts, G. Hall, R. Turnbull lost to R. Diggins, A. Clifton, J. Hoyes, R. Williamson 14-17, T. Sumner, R. Smith, I. Cole, B. Allen lost to T. Scholey, K. Argent, D. Ladlow, N. Rodgers 17-22, D. Abernethy, R. Payne, T. Asher, I. Lord beat C. Thompson, J. Maltbym S. Beadleym D. Wells 29-7, J. Wyles, K. Germany, N. Smith, J. Lewis beat C. Elliot, P. Scholes, G. Wells, G. Lancaster 30-10, P. Clarke, H. Mumby, C. Jones, D. Hill beat C. Sutton, D. Benson, J. day, J. Bontoft 18-14

Sencit League - Arnoldfield 35 Long Bennington 69: D. Slade, P. Burton, H. Houseley, M. Goodchild beat E. Hoare, S. Creedy, J. Morris, G. Hall 23-9, J. Burton, A. Slade, L. Smith, G. Smith lost to C. Tuckwood, J. Hall, G. Creedy, M. Dring 6-29, J. Harley, J. Gowler, D. Gowler, W. Shores lost to J. Hoole, J. Morris, S. Griffiths, N. Smith 6-31.

Grantham 38 Barnstone 47: J. Wyles, D. Lester, P. Royce, J. Kime beat P. Jackues, W. Snowdon, R. Smith, J. Parker 17-12, M. Culpin, G. Solesbury, P. Hainsworth, K. Solesbury lost to D. Hazard, J. Hogg, R. Morley, J. McCandles 5-22, Joy Kime, A. Wyles, L. Applelyard, K. Noble beat H. McCandles, R. Spencer, P. Greer, L. Payling 16-13.