INDOOR BOWLING: Grantham’s Dysart Park win Sencit Gala

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As always, the annual Sencit Gala at Grantham and District Indoor Bowld Club provided some very competitive action.

Sixty-six bowlers, represented six outdoor bowling clubs – Arnoldfield, Barnstone, Bottesford, Dysart Park, Grantham and Long Bennington.

This year it proved to be a clean sweep for Dysart Park with the winning triples sets of J. Waterall, L. Bainbridge and A. Briggs winning the early session, and G. Kemp, L. Thompson and F. Evans the later one.

Dysart Park achieved the highest club score of 77, with Bottesford not so far away with 74 and Arnoldfield 68½ points.

Sencit League chairman Len Payling presented the trophy to Dysart Park captain Linda Bainbridge, and prizes to the individuals in the winning sets. He went on to thank, on behalf of all bowlers, Roger Turnbull for organising and running the event.

A1Trophy, first leg

Grantham 103

Newark 85

J Asher, L Bainbridge, A Briggs, T Asher lost 16-21; R Murphy, P Greer, J Tinkley, R Turnbull won 19-15; A Ludwig, J Waterall, M Sharp, I Lord won 27-12; J Gowler, I Ludwig, S Leverett, D Gowler lost 19-21; R Moore, H Dodd, N Smith, F Evans won 22-16.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 81

Lincoln B 103

B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 9-21; M Palmer, P Riches, D Abernethy, W Stevenson lost 14-28 ; J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods won 27-11; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling drew 17-17; S Richards, D Rainsford, H Whatley, W Shores lost 14-26.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 83

Horncastle 110

J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods lost 19-22; M Palmer, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Pask lost 18-22; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling won 18-14; D Abernethy, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 11-24; S Richards, H Whatley, I Cole, J Lewis lost 17-28.

l The first leg of the annual matches, in which this year’s men’s president David Rainsford’s team plays against ladies’ president Rita Baxter’s team, resulted in the men triumphing by 109 to 94. The ladies will be looking for revenge in the second game.

Ladies’ names first - S Richards/H Ward, S Payling, B Patten, R Murphy beat C Parkin, B Goodchild, E Ward, D Woods 19-12; M Palmer, H Dodds, M Goodchild, H Whatley beat K German, Ju Morris, Jo Morris, G Hall 23-11; J Woods, P Riches, E Hoare, K Duller beat D Abernethy, A Woodward, P Edwards, R Turnbull 19-14; C Davies, G Keasley, P Greer, R Baxter lost to W Stevenson, D Rainsford, N Smith, P Woodhouse 14-25; B Woodhouse, C Pridmore, D Sykes, P Royce lost to C Tuckwood, J Kime, R Payne, L Payling 8-31; J Barnes, P Gill, J Hall, S Beardsley lost to O Tinkley, I Cole, M Dring. Jay Lewis 11-16.