INDOOR BOWLS: Bottesford win league for first time

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Sencit League

Bottesford have won the Sencit League for the first time after beating last year’s champions Long Bennington who finished as runners-up.

After lunch, Sencit League chairman L. Payling presented the shield to Bottesford captain R. Turnbull, together with a monetary award.

Long Bennington 32

Bottesford 61

Bennington names first: E Hoare, G Keasley, C Tuckwood, G Hall lost to K Germany, P Hewitt, P Bennett, W Shores 14-16; J Hall, R Williams, J Morris, B Garton lost to G Smart, M Payne, R Murphy, R Turnbull 8-20; J Woods, Ju Morris, S Marris, D Woods lost to P Palmer, R Barnes, R Payne, A Palmer 10-25.

Dysart Park 55

Barnstone 49

Dysart Park names first: J Waterall, D Holton, A Briggs, I Lord beat H McCandless, E Plowright, J Parker, A Murray 30-11; G Kemp, L Thompson, A Cullins, F Evans lost to A Parker, S Payling, J Priest, L Payling 11-21; A Rouse, K Duller, B Roberts, T Asher lost to J Hogg, B Perkins, B Hogg, K Perkins 14-17.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 111

Dunholme 78

J Woods, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods won 25-9; S Richards, J Asher, T Asher, J Lewis won 22-15; L Appleyard, S Payling, M Appleyard, L Payling won 23-11; M Palmer, W Stevenson, H Whatley, J Pask won 32-8; R Payne, B Patten, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 9-35.

Jack High Competition

Barnstone 50

Knipton 41

Barnstone names first: J Parker, J Quibell, R Smith beat E Steptoe, B Steptoe, K Noble 19-10; R Spencer, S Wrate, G Tayling beat A Leadenham, D Abernethy, K Apps 19-9; H McCandless, S Payling, L Payling lost to B Hollingsworth, K Davis, W Leadenham 12-22.


Ladies’ President 70

Men’s President 123

Ladies’ names first: R Pacey, C Pridmore, C Davis, H Whatley lost to W Stevenson, M Brett, J Kime, D Woods 14-16; J Woods, J Hall, R Diamond, S Beardsley lost to C Tuckwood, P Hainsworth, R Payne, M Dring 8-23; L Appleyard, J Quibell, S Payling, B Patten lost to K Germany, Jay Lewis, M Eurich, L Payling 10-24; M Palmer, M Clark, H Ward, R Baxter lost to D Rainsford, I Cole, J Morris, N Smith 9-27; P Watson, Ju Morris, P Riches, R Murphy beat C Parkin, J Watson, M Appleyard, P Woodhouse 16-14; S Richards, B Woodhouse, E Hoare, K Duller lost to A Woodward, E Ward, G Hall, R Turnbull 13-19.