INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham are victorious over Lincs rivals

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club triumphs in friendly over Boston.

Club friendly

Grantham 118

Boston 78

S. Leverett, H. Ward, M. Appleyard, E. Ward lost 18-23; J. Woods, J. Hall, G. Hall, D. Woods won 19-18; L. Appleyard, A. Collins, R. Murphy, R. Turnbull won 23-18; M. Pointon, S. Payling, D. Rainsford, L. Payling won 25-9; S. Richards, P. Riches, H. Whatley, Jay Lewis won 33-10.

Sencit League

Arnoldfield 56

Dysart Park 50

Arnoldfield names first: M. Palmer, D. Church, G. Lloyd, K. Smith beat A. Rouse, K. Duller, B. Roberts, R. Dingley 29-9; G. Bland, J. Gowler, A. Curtis, D. Gowler lost to J. Waterall, L. Thompson, R. Chesterton, F. Evans 15-21; A. Alexander, H. Housley, M. Goodchild, B. Goodchild lost to L. Lord, L. Bainbridge, A. Briggs, I. Lord 12-20.

Bottesford 56

Long Bennington 51

Bottesford names first: P. Hewitt, M. Payne, R. Murphy, R. Turnbull beat E. Eggleston, Jo Morris, F. Farmer, B. Garton 26-20; R. Barnes, C. Richardson, R. Payne, W. Shores beat E. Hoare, Ju Morris, S. Marris, R. Marris 19-11; J. Parsons, M. Parsons, P. Palmer, A. Palmer lost to C. Tuckwood, S. Griffiths, P. Griffiths, D. Woods 11-20.

Inter-club Cup

Grantham 84

Melton Mowbray 57

R. Moore, Do Lester, F. Evans won 15-8; J. Asher, A. Alexander, T. Asher won 17-7; R. Murphy, R. Payne, R. Turnbull lost 14-17; L. Appleyard, M. Appleyad, I. Lord lost 7-10; A. Ludwig, S. Payling, L. Payling won 17-3; J. Woods, I. Ludwig, D. Woods won 14-12.