INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham are victors by a single point

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club defeated Newark by the slimmest of margins in a best of two games encounter.

Grantham won the first game at home by 126 to 80 shots to give them a 46-point advantage going into the second game at Newark on Saturday.

But it was not as easy a task as they had envisaged and they were defeated 137-92, but they just did enough to triumph over the two games by a single point.

Newark 137

Grantham 92

R. Sumner, J. Tinkley, J. Duke and J. Lewis lost 30-12; S. Richards, P. Riches, H. Whatley and B. Shores lost 34-16; R. Spencer, S. Payling, G. Taylor and L. Payling won 18-16; J. Asher, K. Germany, P. Clarke and T. Asher won 24-9; A. Parker, G. Parish, J. Parker and R. Smith lost 23-12.

Lincolnshire Indoor Bowling Association

Mixed Division Two

Grantham 76

Louth A 94

M. Palmer, B. Stevenson, M. Goodchild and I. Cole lost 16-14; K. Germany, P. Riches, R. Murphy and R. Turnbull lost 22-14; S. Richards, R. Sowerby, H. Whatley and J. Lewis won 18-13; J. Asher, P. Greer, M. Eurich and T. Asher lost 25-17; L. Appleyard, P. Riches, S. Beardsley and M. Appleyard lost 18-13.

Over-60s Division Two

Grantham 85

Long Sutton 99

R. Lewis, J. Duke, T. Sumner and B. Smith won 22-12; A. J. Hughes, C. Richardson, D. Holton and D. Hill lost 37-13; K. Germany, S. Potts, I. Cole and R. Turnbull lost 21-10; A. Alexander, G. Taylor, C. Goodley and L. Payling drew 17-17; W. Stevenson, T. Asher, I. Lord and J. Lewis won 23-12.

Grantham 74

Stamford 95

W. Stevenson, J. Asher, I. Lord and J. Lewis lost 22-13; I. Cole, D. Holton, C. Goodley and B. Allen lost 17-12; D. Abernethy, G. Hasnip, R. Payne and N. Smith lost 26-9; G. Hall, G. Taylor, J. Kime and L. Payling won 25-13; K. Germany, C. Richardson, A. Alexander and R. Turnbull lost 17-15.