INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham beat Sleaford in national cup competition

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club results round-up:

The Denny Cup national competition for men, with two rinks at home and two away, saw Grantham triumph over Sleaford with an aggregate score of 74-65. They will now face Stamford in the next round.

Rink scores: home – lost 18-17, won 18-12; away – lost 13-20, won 26-15.

A1 Cup

Grantham 126

Newark 80

J Asher, D Rainsford, L Bainbridge, T Asher won 26-13; S Richards, F Leitch, H Whatley, F Evans won 29-9; A Hughes, J Waterall, A Briggs, D Woods won 22-11; W Stevenson, R Harris, W Shores won 23-11; H Housley, G Solesbury, K Solesbury lost 14-15; R Moore, A Duers, I Lord lost 12-21.

Club friendlies

Grantham 81

Spalding 96

R Sumners, A Duers, R Baxter, T Sumner lost 12-14; S Richards, D Rainsford, B Marsden, N Smith lost 16-23; B Patten, G Parish, W Stevenson lost 10-17; I Ludwig, M Barrett, R Barrett, A Ludwig lost 12-15; J Asher, A Leitch, G Hall, T Asher won 16-13; K Aldridge, P Riches, B Sowerby, J Lewis won 15-14.

Grantham 136

Badwell (Norfolk) 107

H Housley, J Hall, B Goodchild, B Roberts won 20-16; R Moore, J Clsrk, K Aldridge, D Woods won 24-19; J Asher, G Hansip, D Rainsford, T Asher drew 21-21; L Bainbridge, J Waterall, B Waterall, J Lewis won 21-18; Do Lester, G Solesbury, D Lester, K Solesbury won 24-17; A Hughes, G Hall, R Harris, W Shores won 26-16.

Grantham 147

Stamford 96

L Appleyard, M Barrett, R Barrett, M Appleyard won 22-11; J Asher, B Leitch, B Patten, T Asher won 30-16; K Germany, J Hall, W Stevenson, G Hall won 29-14; I Ludwig, Do Lester, Da Lester, A Ludwig won 38-12; M Pointon, D Rainsford, B Sowerby, Jay Lewis lost 11-26; S Richards, C J Kime, H Whatley, J Kime drew 17-17.