INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham club awards are presented

Some of the prize winners at Grantham Indoor Bowling Club's presentation night.
Some of the prize winners at Grantham Indoor Bowling Club's presentation night.
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Grantham Indoor Bowling Club held its end of season presentation night at its home on Trent Road.

The awards were as follows:

EBA Triples League – 1 Wednesday Hotspurs (captained by T. Sumner), 2 Boxers (J. Lewis); Early Evening League Division One – 1 Spacemen (N. Orrey), 2 Buttercross (C. Hodgson); Early Evening League Division Two – 1 Zombies (P. Dufaye), 2 Oddments (C. Bland); Afternoon League Division One – 1 Mat-Jac (T. Asher), 2 Bens (B. Vessey); Afternoon League Division Two – 1 Optimists (A. Cullen), 2 L. Bees (J. Morris); Afternoon League Division Three – 1 Buttercross (C. Hodgson), 2 The A52s (L. Payling); Morning League Division One – 1 Buttercross (C. Hodgson), 2 Lazy ‘S’ (R. Lewis); Morning League Division Two – 1 Esses (P. Greer), 2 Phoenix (D. Hill); Morning League Division Three – 1 Whickers (W. Shores), 2 Kangaroos (D. Hazard); Morning League Division Four – 1 The Imps (S. Beardsley), 2 Wynsomes (J. Watson); Australian Pairs Division One – 1 BJ’s (A. Berridge), 2 Squirrels (Joe Lewis); Australian Pairs Division Two – 1 Doves (R. Chesterton), 2 Ravens (D. Rainsford); EBF Triples – The Percherons (D. Rainsford), 2 Rip & Roll (M. Parker); Ladies’ League – 1 Bluebells (R. Murphy), 2 Bee Gees (M. Goodchild); Jack High – 1 Grantham, 2 Vacu-Lug.

Novice Pairs – 1 T. Sumner and C. Goodley, 2 Elaine Meakins and Ian Whyte; Novice Trips – 1 Shaun Harrison, Tony Sumner and Bill Johnson, 2 Linda Bainbridge, Anne Collins and Shirley Beardsley; Mixed Pairs – 1 Pat Thompson and Martin Pulling, 2 Jean Logsdon and Alistair Brunton; Triples – 1 Rich Lewis, Bruce Allen and Joe Lewis, 2 Russ Orrey, Russ Hibbert and Nick Orrey; Ladies’ Pairs – 1 Pat Thompson and Jean Logsdon, 2 Caroline Davis and Gloria Keasley; Men’s Pairs – 1 Malcolm Le-Hair and Dion Auckland, 2 Mick Carter and Paul Musson; Rinks – 1 Derick Bass, Russ Orrey, Nick Orrey and Matt Orrey, 2 Robbie Barker, Graham Smith, Mark Eurich and Mark Parker; Ladies’ Singles – 1 C. Hodgson, 2 S. Beardsley; Men’s Singles – 1 Matt Orrey, 2 James Stanfield; Ladies’ Joan Hackett Trophy – Trish Kent, Joy Hall, Eveline Hoare; Ladies’ Pat Wallwork Trophy – Joy Kime, Eileen Egglestone, Pam Greer; Ladies’ Memorial Trophy – Joy Hall, Graham Hall, Ian Cole, Shirley Beardsley.

l The club’s Summer League is running on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a Bowls Drive on Wednesday evenings.