INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham club holds annual Memorial Trophy

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club held its annual Memorial Trophy get-together to remember past members.

The rink comprising L Appleyard, H Whatley, M Appleyard and N Smith ran out the winners by one shot from runners-up C Pridmore, J Bundy, S Dawes and M Eurich. The winners’ trophy was presented by Ruth Pacey.

Sencit League

Bottesford 55

Grantham 58

Bottesford names first: P Palmer, M Parsons, J Parsons, A Palmer lost to Do Lester, L Appleyard, M Appleyard, H Whatley 8-35; P Hewitt, C Richardson, R Payne, W Shores beat Da Lester, G Stafford, D Pimm, K Solesbury 17-12; P Bennett, M Payne, R Murphy, R Turnbull beat J Beardsley, M Cardwell, Merv Cardwell, S Beardsley 30-11.

Long Bennington 55

Arnoldfield 43

Long Bennington names first: J Hoole, R Williams, C Tuckwood, B Garton lost to H Housley, A Alexander, M Goodchild, B Goodchild 12-20; E Eggleston, E Hoare, T Hoole, Jo Morris beat D Church, A Curtis, J Hanbury, K Smith 25-11; J Woods, Ju Morris, S Marris, D Woods beat G Bland, J Gowler, B Marston, D Gowler 18-12.

Barnstone 60

Arnoldfield 45

Barnstone names first: H McCandless, A Parker, B Hogg, R Smith beat H Housley, A Alexander, M Goodchild, B Goodchild 22-11; J Hogg, E Plowright, J Parker, A Murray lost to D Church, A Curtis, J Hanbury, G Lloyd 14-18; P Greer, B Perkins, D Sykes, K Perkins beat G Bland, J Gowler, B Morton, D Gowler 24-16.

Dysart Park 50

Bottesford 53

Dysart Park names first: L Lord, L Bainbridge, A Briggs, I Lord lost to P Hewitt, P Pearson, R Murphy, R Turnbull 12-21; G Kemp, L Thompson, A Collins, F Evans beat R Barnes, C Richardson, P Bennett, W Shores 26-12; J Waterall, C Bland, M LeHair, B Roberts lost to P Palmer, M Payne, R Payne, A Palmer 12-20.

MasterFoods Challenge Cup

Grantham 77

Melton Mowbray 63

L Appleyard, M Sharp, M Appleyard won 14-13; J Gowler, M Cardwell, D Gowler drew 10-10; J Asher, M Cardwell, T Asher lost 6-19; M Deaker, Da Lester, F Evans won 12-9; Do Lester, A Briggs, I Lord won 14-11; R Moore, P Hewitt, D Pimm won 21-1.

The Imps Cup

Grantham 113

The Imps 111

A Woodward, D Rainsford, I Cole, Jay Lewis lost 20-21; R Moore, D Pimm, E Ward, D Woods won 14-12; J Morris, T Hoole, M Appleyard, R Payne lost 18-20; G Caunt, D Abernethy, N Baxter, W Shores won 19-18; P Hewitt, W Tilley, B Goodchild, I Lord lost 19-22; C Tuckwood, B Roberts, M Cardwell, T Asher won 23-18.