INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham club narrowly defeated in national cup competition

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Grantham Indoor Bowls Club narrowly lost to Boston in the national Denny Cup competition.

The competition for men involved two rinks played both home and away and the match went to the very last end, with Boston winning the match by one shot.

Grantham will now take part in the Denny Plate and still await the name of their opponents.

Grantham’s mixed team also played Boston in the Egham Trophy and came out on top by 78 shots to 70.

Scores: C Hodgson, J Logsden, S Gent, T Berridge won 23-18; C Davis, H Whatley, J Stanfield, J Lewis lost 17-21; R Murphy, S Beardsley, M Pulling, M Orrey lost 16-20; P Thompson, C Gent, N Orrey, D Auckland won 22-11.

Other results:

Club friendlies

Grantham 84

Melton Mowbray 51

L Appleyard, G Solesbury, K Solesbury won 16-8; J Woods, I Ludwig, D Woods won 10-9; J Gowler, A Ludwig, D Gowler lost 7-13; R Moore, D Lester, I Lord won 18-5; C Parkin, S Payling, L Payling won 12-8; J Asher, D Rainsford, T Asher won 21-8.

Grantham 139

Lincolnshire Vice-presidents 88

K Germany, P Greer, R Murphy, R Turnbull won 20-17; B Whittle, C Parkin, P Hainsworth, J Lewis won 27-11; J Woods, D Rainsford, N Baxter, D Woods won 26-16; R Baxter, B Woodhouse, B Goodchild, P Woodhouse won 21-12; W Stevenson, Da Lester, Merv Caedwell, N Smith won 28-13; Dor Lester, J Hall, M Cardwell, G Hall lost 17-19.

Jack High Competition

Knipton 48

Arnoldfield 49

Bingham A 47

Grantham 54

Sencit League

Barnstone 39

Bottesford 63

Barnstone names first – A Parker, W Snowdon, E Plowright, R Smith lost 8-26 to R Barnes, P Bennett, R Payne, W Shores; H McCandless, S Payling, B Hogg, L Payling beat P Hewitt, A Palmer, P Palmer, P Thornhill 21-9; J Hogg, B Perkins, P Greer, K Perkins lost 10-28 to P Pearson, P Chandler, R Murphy, R Turnbull.

Arnoldfield 42

Dysart Park 41

Arnoldfield names first – K Germany, D Church, A Curtis, G Lloyd beat A Rouse, C Parkin, A Collins, R Dingley 20-12; G Bland, B Marsden, A Alexander, C Goodley drew 12-12 with J Woodward, K Duller, R Chesterton, B Roberts; K Smith, H Housley, M Goodchild, B Goodchild lost 10-17 to J Waterall, L Thompson, M LeHair, A Briggs.

Grantham 24

Dysart Park 67

Grantham names first – J Beardsley, J Baker, Merv Cardwell, S Beardsley lost 10-21 to J Waterall, L Thompson, M LeHair, A Briggs; Da Lester, John Baker, G Stafford, B Hollingsworth lost 4-25 to J Woodward, K Duller, R Chesterton, B Roberts; Do Lester, L Appleyard, M Appleyard, H Whatley lost 10-21 to A Rouse, C Parkin, R Dingley, F Evans.

Bottesford 37

Long Bennington 58

Bottesford names first – P Pearson, P Chandler, R Murphy, R Turnbull lost 12-15 to J Hoole, Ju Morris, T Hoole, N Smith; P Hewitt, A Palmer, P Palmer, P Thornhill lost 13-14 to J Hall, R Baxter, G Hall, B Garton; R Barnes, P Bennett, W Shores lost to J Woods, E Eggleston, S Marris, D Woods 12-29.