INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham men triumph in annual competition

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The second leg of the annual lady versus men presidents’ team match saw the men triumph again to take overall victory.

Lady president Pam Watson’s team were at “home” this time and whilst these games are always played in a competitive way, a friendly spirit and relaxed atmosphere was much in evidence.

After the game, players and supporters enjoyed an excellent meal and, following on the established custom, presidents Pam and Bernard Goodchild exchanged gifts and presented prizes to the highest winning rinks.


Grantham Ladies 82

Grantham Men 115

Ladies names first: J Hobbs, Ju Morris, G Solesbury, R Baxter lost to K Germany, J Tinkley, T Asher, N Smith 6-32; M Palmer, H Dodd, P Maxon, J Hall beat D Abernethy, A Woodward, P Woodhouse, R Payne 23-15; L Bainbridge, A Hamilton, E Eggleston, P Greer lost to W Stevenson, C Tuckwood, G Hall, B Goodchild 11-17; C Pridmore, B Patten, G Keasley, M Goodchild lost to Jo Morris, J Watson, P Hainsworth, K Solesbury 12-21; S Richards, A Leitch, B Woodhouse, H Whatley, lost to M Brett, D Rainsford, D W Hobbs, J Lewis 13-14; Do Lester, P Riches, E Hoare, S Beardsley beat C Parkin, F Leitch, M Dring, M Appleyard 17-16.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 107

Louth A 89

J Asher, H Whatley, T Asher, J Lewis won 24-18; S Richards, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Pask lost 11-19; L Appleyard, B Patten, M Appleyard, I Cole won 19-16; P Greer, J Hall, G Hall, D Woods won 31-14; B Marston, P Riches, R Murphy, R Turnbull drew 22-22.

Louth B 124

Grantham 63

S Richards, J Hall, G Hall, C Goodley won 23-13; P Gill, M Goodchild, B Goodchild, J Pask lost 7-37; J Asher, B Marston, H Whatley, T Asher lost 7-45; P Hewitt, P Riches, R Murphy, R Turnbull drew 15-15; L Appleyard, B Patten, M Appleyard, I Cole lost 11-14

Lincolnshire Men’s Over-60s League

Grantham 115

Sleaford 86

D Abernethy, I Cole, G Hall, R Turnbull won 27-12; W Stevenson, R Smith, C Goodley, B Allen lost 20-27; P Hewitt, C Richardson, R Payne, J Lewis won 25-14; J Duke, B Goodchild, T Asher, D Hill lost 15-22; D Holton, I Lord, N Smith, L Payling won 28-11.

Club friendly

Grantham 146

Market Overton 98

B Patten, D Rainsford, D Abernethy, R Baxter lost 9-28; K Germany, J Tinkley, B Goodchild, C Goodley won 17-16; A Parker, S Leverett, W Stevenson, J Parker lost 18-19; R Spencer, S Payling, G Taylor, L Payling won 30-13; S Richards, C Parkin, H Whatley, J Lewis won 38-8; J Asher, M Barrett, R Barrett, T Asher won 34-14.

Jack High Competition

Bingham A 56 Bottesford 57, Knipton 42 Long Bennington 69.