INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham trio triumph in memorial trophy match

Joan Hacket Trophy winners Jane Sharpe, Hilda Whatley and Joy Hobbs.
Joan Hacket Trophy winners Jane Sharpe, Hilda Whatley and Joy Hobbs.
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Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club’s Joan Hackey Trophy winners have been decided.

The ladies’ trophy event in memory of Joan Hackett was won by the trio of Jane Sharpe, Hilda Whatley and Joy Hobbs.

Sencit League

Long Bennington 48

Arnoldfield 37

G Greedy K Kent J Hall N Smith beat J Burton K Germany L Smith G Smith 19-14, P Griffith C Miller E Hoare M Dring beat J Gowler T Slade J Harley D Gower 14-12, S Creedy C Tuckwood M Tivey G Hall beat D Slade P Burton B Goodchild H Housley 15-11.

Long Bennington 47

Dysart Park 49

S Creedy K Kent J Hall P Griffith lost to N Tinkler L Thompson A Briggs R Dingley 14-15, T Kent M Tivey T Hoole G Hall lost to P Tinkler B Cox A Collings F Evans 17-21, R Baxter C Miller R Miller M Dring beat M Barrett L Bainbridge M LeHair B Roberts 16-13.

Grantham 53

Arnoldfield 57

Ju Baker J Baker P Hainsworth S Beardsley lost to D Slade P Burton B Goodchild H Housley 17-24, J Kime P Royce B Hollingworth J Kime beat K Germany J Burton L Smith G Smith 18-12, L Appleyard Da Lester K Noble M Appleyard lost to J Gowler A Slade J Hartley D Gower 18-21.

Grantham 34

Melton Mowbray 62

B Hollingworth K Germany G Hall lost to D Armstrong V James B James 9-13, M Culpin D Lester B Shores lost to B Smith R Thorpe T Harris 10-18, R Moore P Tinkler F Evans lost to R Walbanks R Johnson C Thompson 5-20, J Asher P Riches T Asher lost to K Toon R Radford F Thorpe 10-11.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Horncastle 130

Grantham 64

L Main J Hoyles J Taplin K Taplin beat A Eslick R Baxter G Hall B Shores 23-15, J King A Kershaw J Moody D Wells beat P Tinkler N Tinkler J Hall J Lewis 32-12, J Green J Maltby P Ulltatt O Wells beat D Sykes P Greer T Asher P Sheardown 22-12, J Hoyles P Boulton S Dolman P Smith beat L Appleyard P Burton H Whatley M Appleyard 29-12, H Hancock A Sivill G Wells J Scholey beat K Germany J Burton L Smith G Smith 24-13.

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 79

Scunthorpe 103

R Payne I Cole J Meakins A Berridge lost to M Parsons J Moore J Downs V DeBoer 9-27, R Barker M Parker C Dexter B Allen lost to O Bennett R Bugg I Robinson J Davidson 21-22, P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey Jay Lewis beat V Bolton C Read N Anderson R Skinner 17-15, T Asher P Robinson R Sowerby J Kime lost to G Lewis R Meldrum I Pringle W Woolbridge 17-19, R Lewis R Smith B Smith J Lewis lost to K Hotson J Panter N Rowe A Mullin 15-20.


Grantham 82

Cambridge Touring Team 101

J Lewis E Hoare B Shores T Asher lost to S Wortley J Eson D Pither D Bell 7-23, K Germany J Tinkley C Tuckwood R Baxter lost to A Cavaliero J Haggott K Thorton R Peyton 13-17, J Hall D Lester P Royce C Goodley beat G Haggott C Barclay T Stugal K Hunt 24-11, B Hollingworth J Burton B Patten J Kime beat T Barclay N Utteridge A Parish H Wilmot 21-9, P Tinkler P Burton G Hal I Cole lost to M Miller D Griggs M Rowden R Cavaliero 10-15, D Abernethy N Tinkler B Allen T Berridge lost to H Bell W Rowden C Eson D Long 7-26.