INDOOR BOWLS: Grantham triumph in Jack High competition

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowling Club results:

Jack High

Grantham 57

Barnstone 28

T Sumner R Sumner J Lewis beat H McCandless J Quibell J McCandless 25-8, P Hainsworth R Sowerby T Asher beat R Harris S Wrate J Parker 22-7, I Ludwig J Kime A Ludwig lost to J Hogg G Taylor R Smith 10-13.

Bingham B 37

Bingham A 58

P Robinson A Cullen K Handley lost to P Greer G Moncaster D Kirk 10-23, J Cullen A Brailsford K Brailsford lost to C Wilkinson P Hornsby I Cole 13-23, P Jaques T Peterson B Davey beat C Hodgson V Wilkinson J Tyler 14-12 .

Sencit League

Barnstone 60

Dysart Park 45

H McCandless D Hazard J Parker J McCandless beat L Bainbridge B Cox N Tinkler F Evans 19-9, J Hogg W Snowdon R Morley R Smith lost to J Waterall G Kemp R Chesterton B Roberts 15-18, P Jaques P Greer A Cullen K Handley beat M Barrett L Thompson A Briggs R Barrett 26-18.

Long Bennington 39

Grantham 57

J Hoole M Tivey T Hoole N Smith lost to Joy Kime B Hollingsworth P Hainsworth S Beardsley 23-16

C McCarol J Morris D McCarol G Hall lost to L Appleyard K Noble P Sheardown M Appleyard 7-17

P Griffiths J Hall S Griffiths M Dring lost to K Solesbury A Ludwig P Royce J Kime 16-17

Lincolnshire Over 60s League

Grantham 92

Stamford 112

D Holton C Jones C Dexter D Hill lost to W Kettle T Freeman R Harvey K Vinter 18-32, R Payne K Germany T Asher I Lord beat D Howarth M Dye T Christie A March 29-14, D Abernethy P Clarke J Kime N Smith lost to D Heffernan D Veasey B Tuplin D Henshaw 18-20, T Sumner R Smith C Goodley B Allen lost to A Romaine G Corby P Bruce M Owen 13-25, C Richardson I Cole G Hall R Turnbull lost to A Lonslow D Speechley P Banks A Horton 14-21.

Lincolnshire Mixed League

Grantham 80

Lincoln B 116

K Germany P Greer R Baxter R Sowerby beat D Cheeseman M D Agostino S Gurney S Simpson 22-20, L Appleyard D Sykes G Hall M Appleyard lost to P Lynn K Staines J Thomas D Lynn 19-23, A Culpin R Sumner I Cole J Lewis lost to L Jones J Brown P Wallhead D Cross 9-26, A Eslick D McCarol R Murphy R Turnbull lost to M Taylor J Strafield D Skammen T Walker 14-24, C McCarol J Eslick J Hall G Smith lost to M Holland R Payne P Smith A Herring 16-23.

Lincolnshire Men’s League

Grantham 112

Spalding 64

T Asher J Kime R Hibbbert N Smith beat D Groves M Laidler R West C Stagles 17-15, R Lewis R Smith R Sowerby Joe Lewis beat D Head G Laidler D Amess D Churchman 23-14, T Sumner I Cole M Eurich B Allen beat R Root P Briers I Stafford T Bell 7-43, M LeHair R Payne J Meakins A Berridge beat G Horner A Belding P Bendell M Moseley 19-14, P Hainsworth R Barrett M Bailey J Lewis lost to B Skelton N Putterhill R Perkins A Richardson 10-14.

l This Sunday is the club ladies’ president versus men’s president return match, starting at 2pm. Spectators welcome.