INDOOR BOWLS: Long Bennington and Dysart Park register wins in Sencit League

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club results:

Sencit League

Arnoldfield 28

Dysart Park 69

Arnoldfield names first: G Bland, P Horton, A Alexander, A Curtis lost 8-20 to J Waterall, L Thompson, B Cox, A Briggs; I Ludwig, B Marston, J Gowler, J Hanbury lost 14-26 to L Bainbridge, B Waterall, A Collins, F Evans; A Leitch, H Housley, M Goodchild, B Goodchild lost 6-23 to C Parkin, K Duller, R Dingley, B Roberts.

Bottesford 39

Long Bennington 56

Bottesford names first: P Pearson, P Bennett, W Shores, R Hibbert lost 15-18 to E Eggleston, Ju Morris, R Baxter, D Woods; A Palmer, M Payne, R Barnes, M Wakefield lost 11-18 to J Hoole, J Hall, T Hoole, M Dring; R Payne, C Richardson, P Chandler, J Millington lost 13-20 to P Griffith, S Griffith, S Marris, G Hall.