INDOOR BOWLS: Mayo, Meakins and Patten win annual Grantham competition

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Grantham and District Indoor Bowls Club’s annual Pat Wallwork Trophy competition was won this year with a highest shot difference of 21-6.

The team comprised Elaine Meakins, Tina Mayo and Brenda Patten, and the trophy was presented to the winners by ladies’ president Pam Watson.

Brian Green, of sponsors Victor Wood Motors, presented awards to the winners of the three afternoon leagues’ winners and runners-up.

The club men’s and ladies’ presidents presented trophies and cash to the winners of their respective competitions.

Sencit League

The final games of the season have been played and this year’s champions Dysart Park were worthy winners.

The trophy was presented to Brian Roberts by Sencit League chairman Len Payling.

l The club will be holding bowls drives throughout the summer on Wednesday evenings, usual format.

Results round-up:

Barnstone 51

Bottesford 56

Barnstone names first – W Snowdon, J Priest, B Hogg, P Aylward lost to R Barnes, P Bennett, R Payne, W Shores 9-36; H McCandless, L Thompson, W Stevenson, L Payling beat J Parsons, C Richardson, P Palmer, A Palmer 19-7; J Hogg, E Plowright, R Morley, R Smith beat P Hewitt, J Millington, R Murphy, R Turnbull 23-13.

Long Bennington 77

Grantham 42

Long Bennington names first – J Hall, Ju Morris, R Baxter, G Hall lost to Do Lester, D Rainsford, L Appleyard, H Whatley 17-28; R Miller, E Hoare, J Morris, M Dring beat June Baker, J Baker, Da Lester 34-8; C Tuckwood, S Griffith, P Griffith, N Smith beat J Beardsley, S Richards, G Stafford, S Beardsley 26-6.

Club competitions: Triples – 1 R. Orrey, N. Orrey and M. Orrey, 2 M. Parker, P. Musson and M. Carter; men’s pairs – 1 R. Orrey and M. Orrey, 2 S. Gent and M. Pulling; mixed pairs – 1 C. Gent and M. Orrey, 2 P. Thompson; ladies’ pairs – 1 C. Davis and G. Keasley, 2 P. Thompson and J. Logsdon; novice triples – 1 A. Crowson, R. Chesterton and M. Le-Hair, 2 L. Bainbridge, A. Collins and S. Beardsley; novice pairs – 1 R. Chesterton and M. Le-Hair, 2 S. Harrison and W. Johnson; club rink – 1 D. Bass, R. Orrey, N. Orrey and M. Orrey, 2 R. Lewis, B. Smith, B. Allen and Joe Lewis; ladies’ singles – 1 C. Davis, 2 S. Beardsley; men’s singles – 1 M. Orrey, 2 T. Sumner.

League winners: Late Evening League – 1 Just-a-Tickle M. Parker, 2 Boxers J. Lewis; Early Evening League Division One – 1 Spacemen N. Orrey, 2 Bullets B. Veasey; Early Evening League Division Two – 1 Toe Rags P. Sheardown, 2 Reynard R. Dingley; Afternoon League Division One – 1 Bens B. Vessey, 2 Roman Way M. Goodchild; Afternooon League Division Two – 1 Mat Jac T. Asher, 2 Gremlins D. Dickinson; Afternoon League Division Three – 1 Brand X D. Hill, 2 Clockpelters I. Lord; Morning League Division One – 1 Buttercross C. Hodgson, 2 Thistles L. Appleyard; Morning League Division Two – 1 Saints E. Eggleston, 2 Esses P. Greer; Morning League Division Three – 1 Astecs C. Parkin, 2 Nomads W. Cole; Morning League Division Four – 1 Butcher’s Dog A. Cullen, 2 Kangaroos D. Hazard; Australian Pairs A – 1 BJs A. Brunton, 2 Squirrels J. Lewis; Australian Pairs B – 1 Mat Jac T. Asher, 2 Manticores P. Dufaye; Australian Pairs C – 1 Bombers N. Orrey, 2 Robins R. Atter; Ladies’ League – 1 Wrens K. Duller, 2 Bee Gees M. Goodchild.

EBF Triples – 1 Percherons D. Rainsford, 2 Buttercross C. Hodgson; Jack High – 1 Vacu-Lug, 2 Grantham; Memorial Trophy – 1 Sheila Richards and Linda Appleyard, 2 Maurice Appleyard and Nigel Smith; Joan Hacket Trophy – 1 Janet Kell, Ruth Murphy and Shirley Beardsley; Pat Wallwork Trophy – 1 Elaine Meakins, Tina Mayo and Brenda Patten.