KARATE: Belvoir students pass tests with flying colours

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Belvoir Karate completed another fantastic grading at their Bottesford Dojo last Sunday.

Students from all the Belvoir clubs met up to attend the group grading, and all passed their various levels with flying colours.

Students attending ranged from those attending their first grading to others nearing their black belts. All were tested on bag work, combination techniques, basic partner work and performance of Kata, with the more experienced students sparring three bouts apiece.

The full Belvoir instruction team were present. Sensei Graeme Walden (4th Dan) and Sensei Ian Simpson (2nd Dan) judged the performances, with Senseis Claire Lowes (3rd Dan) and Peter Connolly (1st Dan) in assistance.

Graeme said: “This success is due to the hard work and effort every one has put in. I would like to thank all our students for their enthusiastic support and also the instructors whose commitment makes a huge contribution to Belvoir Karate’s growing success. “

Anyone interested in joining Belvoir Karate would be very welcome at any of its classes at Bottesford, Aslockton, and Marston. The first lesson is free. Contact Graeme Walden on 01476 571677 or visit www.karatekai.org.uk