KARATE: Grantham club honoured by visit of World Master

Grantham Ji-shin Karate Club members
Grantham Ji-shin Karate Club members
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Grantham Ji-shin Wado-ryu Karate Club’s recent grading and seminar was attended by 8th dan World Master Sensei Sakagami.

The grading for juniors saw all students passing in great style.

Club instructor Angie Emms said she was very pleased with everyone’s performances in front of the karate World Master. Angie said: “Sensei Sakagami is a very busy man who travels all around the world teaching Wado-ryu. The club is honoured to have such regular visits.”

Adult club members enjoyed a training seminar with the World Master.

Junior grading results: Andrew Tonge - 3rd Kyu (brown belt), Daniel Simmond - 3rd Kyu (brown belt), Ellie Willis - 3rd Kyu (brown belt), Caitlyn Raynor - 4th Kyu (purple belt), Benjamin Quayle - 4th Kyu (purple belt), Thomas Dell - 4th Kyu (purple belt), Jude Wright - 7th Kyu (orange belt), Abigail Quayle - 7th Kyu (orange belt), Oliver Crostan - 8th Kyu (yellow belt), Sitara Patel - 9th Kyu (red belt), Scarlette Lee - 9th Kyu (red belt), Isabelle Linsay - 9th Kyu (red belt).

The club trains every Wednesday from 6.45pm at The Meres leisure centre. Email club secretary Rosie at rosiemcgowan@emzfit.net for information on training.