MARTIAL ARTS: 100% pass rate for Belvoir Karate Group

Belvoir Karate Group
Belvoir Karate Group
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Belvoir Karate Group had another fantastic result at one of their largest gradings with a one hundred percent pass rate.

The grading was held at the group’s Dojo at Bottesford VC Hall last Sunday and was an action-packed and sometimes intense day.

The students were tested on basic punches, kicks and combinations, kata and padwork, with the more experienced students also tested through several bouts of continuous fighting.

The grading was presided over by Sensei Graeme Walden with support from the BKG club instructors, Senseis Ian Simpson and Peter Connolly.

Chief instructor Graeme Walden said: “What a fantastic result it was. Everyone has trained very hard and deserved the new grades. There were students of all ages and stages, from white belts to more experienced brown belts.”

Belvoir Karate Group currently has clubs at Bottesford, Aslockton, Marston and Radcliffe on Trent and welcomes all new members at any of the classes.

Details of BKG and its clubs can be found at

Pictured are: Darci John and Lewis John, Chris Connor, Charlotte Connor, Georgia Connor, Ollie Connor, Archie Curtis, Hannah Stokes, Finn Bennett, Liam Lowes, Cerys Mathews, Daniel Stevenson, Joshua Rollo, Maise Crawford, Caroline Clarkson, Lauren Clarkson, Poppy Davies, Charlotte Davies, Henry Thomas, Simone Thomas, Oscar Stevenson, Mathew Smith, Daniel Welby-Everard, Georgie Burns, John Jeffery, Oisin Castro, Jacob Connolly and Darren Pike.