MARTIAL ARTS: Belt promotion ends Grantham and Corby Glen clubs’ year

TKD belt promotion students
TKD belt promotion students
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Grantham and Corby Glen Tae Kwon-Do Clubs ended another successful year with a belt promotion exam.

Conducting the grading was Grandmaster David Oliver, ninth degree black-belt, who remarked on the consistent high standard achieved by the clubs throughout the year.

Belt promotions were achieved by the following students: Red Belt 1st Kup – Trevor Bean; Blue Belt 3rd Kup – Jay Hawkins, Harley Ebb, Mohammed Sahil, Jamie Bean; Blue Belt 4th Kup – Charlotte Lee, Poorav Pushparaj, Harry Hulse, Cara Aldenhoff-Kelly, Charlie Ashwin Holt; Green Belt 6th Kup – Chloe Moore, Yashodha Silva, Isabella Sheardown, Justine Sheardown, Konrad Smil, Abigail Bailey; Yellow Belt 7th Kup – Yixuan Xie, Bianca Pereira, Vidhu Silva; Yellow Belt 8th Kup – Jennifer Grove, Hayden Marshall, Brayden Smith.