MARTIAL ARTS: Black belt Craig passes high grade

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KING’S School Tae Kwon-Do Club student Craig Giles has passed to the high grade of fourth degree black belt.

Twenty-seven-year-old Craig has been training for 17 years with instructor Malcolm Scholes, during which time he has won numerous titles and qualified as umpire, referee and international instructor.

His belt promotion was taken at the Association Tae Kwon-Do Academy in Bristol and was judged by a panel of six eighth dan masters of the martial art.

Craig is now in training for the British Championships which will be held at Telford Exhibition Centre in November.

l King’s School Tae Kwon-Do Club students took part in belt promotions under eighth dan David Oliver.

Grades: Red belt 2nd kup - Megan Burre; blue belt 3rd kup - Joshua Crook; blue belt 4th kup - Ben Dawson, Brianna Payne; green belt 6th kup - Eleanor Cowell, Michael Cowell, Andrew McKinlay, Matthew Keyse, Stewart Perry; yellow belt 7th kup - Harri Prabhakaran; yellow belt - Joshua Beatley, Poorau Pushparaj, Archie Bennett, Molly Smith, Charlotte Smith; white belt 9th kup - Zen Esponilla, Zy Esponilla, William Taylor, Jake Brooks.

l The Midland Area Tae Kwon-Do Championships attracted more than 400 martial artists and the Grantham club came away with a bronze medal.

Entering his first tournament, the town club’s Jake Bailey won a trophy in men’s red belt division sparring.

l King’s School Tae Kwon-Do Club is now en rolling, with separate junior and adult groups. Telephone 01476 570616.