MARTIAL ARTS: Grantham area juniors take Tae Kwon-Do belt gradings

Grantham Tae Kwon-Do Club
Grantham Tae Kwon-Do Club
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Junior students from Sleaford, Grantham, Newark, Corby Glen and Melton joined in the fun day circuit before entering their Tae Kwon-Do belt promotions at The Meres leisure centre.

Examiner for the day was Grandmaster David Oliver, ninth Dan black belt and world president.

Results for Grantham and Corby Glen clubs: Red Belt 2nd Kup - Frances Arnold, Sue Patrick; Blue Belt 3rd Kup - Lucy Reeve, Samuel Reeve, Bryanny Parkhouse, Joshua Bentley, Zy Esponilla, Zen Esponilla, Jiaxin Zhuo, Jordan Bean; Blue Belt 4th Kup - Philip Lee, Henry Wharton, Jason Zhuo; Green Belt 5th Kup - Jack Croft; Green Belt 6th Kup - Ben Doughty, Xifen Xie; Yellow Belt 7th Kup - Abigail Bailey, Hannah Harby, Yixin Xie, Hanne Cook, Regan Cook, Yashodha Silva, Justine Sheardown, Isabella Sheardown; Yellow Belt 8th Kup - Bianca Pereira, Vidhu Silva, Yixuan Xie; White Belt 9th Kup -Jennifer Groves, Hayden Marshall, Rihards Linde.

Club instructors Malcolm Scholes (7th Dan), Jill Pearce (6th) and Daniel Pearce (5th) were very pleased with the high standard.

The Grantham and Corby Glen clubs are now taking on new members. Contact 01476 570616.