MARTIAL ARTS: Grantham club students pass grading with flying colours

Ji-Shin Aiwakai Grantham Karate Club. U5oE__Tu9q-7PsqBNzVj
Ji-Shin Aiwakai Grantham Karate Club. U5oE__Tu9q-7PsqBNzVj
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Ji-Shin Aiwakai Grantham Karate Club recently had Master Kuniaki Sakagami Sensei (8th dan) in attendance for a training and grading for club students.

All students passed their grades with above average marks. They were: Alfie Haighs, Ben Allen – red belt 9th kyu; Rhys Howe – yellow belt 8th kyu; Lucas Holland, Charlie Holland – green belt 6th kyu; Sitara Patel, Isabelle Linslay, Gemma Aston – brown belt 3rd kyu .

Trophies awarded on the day by Sakagami Sensei were Alfie Haighs for etiquette, Jude Wright for best attendance, Rhys Howe for best newcomer and best effort on day, also gaining a first class pass for his grading.

Andrew Tonge and Ellie Wills were both awarded student of the year for very good reason. They have attended excellence courses in Derby, and trained hard two to three times weekly at The Meres leisure centre, all accumulating in them passing there first dan black belts on a weekend course in Derby in November.

Club head coach Angie Emms said: “I was extremely proud of them both. Just reward for two outstanding young people who are a credit to their parents, their schools, King’s and KGGS, and of course me!

“It’s hard work from all, but so worth every minute to see the faces of students and parents, and watch young people grow into respectful, polite, healthy adults, who of course can take care of themselves and have an awareness most do not.”

Andrew and Ellie will have to wait for their certificate to come back from Japan, where it will be signed by the president JKF Wado-Kai. It will be recognised worldwide and be presented by Sakagami Sensei later on in the year.

n If anyone is interested in taking up Wado-Ryu Karate, the club train at The Meres leisure centre on Mondays at 7pm and Wednesday at 6.45pm. For more information on classes and personal training, contact Angie Emms (5th dan) on or Ji-Shin Aiwakai Grantham Karate Club on Facebook.