MARTIAL ARTS: Grantham karate students graded by world master

Junior students who graded under world master Kuniaki Sakagami 8th dan.
Junior students who graded under world master Kuniaki Sakagami 8th dan.
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Grantham’s Wado-Ryu Karate Club held its first celebration course at The Meres leisure centre last Sunday, which was a great success, bringing in people as far away as Holland and Ireland.

The course was taught by world master Kuniaki Sakagami 8th dan, Keith Walker 5th dan and Lee Minion 5th dan. It was enjoyed by all and covered many aspects of wado-ryu karate

Club instructor Angie Emms 5th dan said: “We covered body evasion, counter and attack, tanto dori and many other technical applications.

“The feedback from what is now going to be an annual event has been excellent. It was also good for local buisness, with students staying over.”

Also on the day, a few local Grantham Aiwakai students took exams, with a great pass rate. Students who passed were Abigail Russell 9th kyu, Charlie Cunnington 9th kyu, both first class pass, Alfie Haigh 8th kyu 2nd class pass, Rhys Howe 7th kyu 1st class pass, and Jude Wright, Issabelle Linslay, Sitara Patel, all passed 2nd class for their 2nd kyu brown belt.

The club is looking forward to hosting this event next year around the beginning of June.

Training takes place in the leisure centre main hall on Wednesdays at 6.45pm.

Angie said: “Anyone wishing to join the club and train in the wonderful art of wado-ryu karate can contact myself at, or ring 07793 611417 or 07906 936643.