MARTIAL ARTS: Grantham karate students make the grade

Grantham Aiwakai Wado Karate Club grading. 6mSd0cWPzhe6SmkNglqS
Grantham Aiwakai Wado Karate Club grading. 6mSd0cWPzhe6SmkNglqS
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Ten Grantham Aiwakai Wado Karate Club students passed their grades in style at The Meres leisure centre last Wednesday.

The examination was graded by world master Kuniaki Sakagami (8th dan) with whom students first got the chance to train with prior to the grading, and again afterwards. Together with club instructor Angie Emms, they covered a few basics and the importance of the wado style Nagasu (body evasion) movement, and its counter movement Inasu (to counter simultaneoulsy).

Angie said: “The training was enjoyed by all. Sakagami sensei is a very busy man who teaches worldwide, so we feel very honoured he makes the time to visit the club several times a year.

“He is preparing at present to take some of the junior England squad to Japan for the World Cup in August.”

Student gradings were: Charlie Holland, Lucas Holland - 9th kyu (red belt); Elizabeth Raynor - 8th kyu (yellow); Max Lygo, Jessica Farmer - 7th kyu (orange); Scarlett Lee, Sitara Patel, Isabelle Linsley - 6th kyu (green); Oliver Croston - 5th kyu (blue); Caitlyn Raynor - 2nd kyu (2nd brown).

All achieved a second class pass apart from Isabelle Linsley and Elizabeth Raynor who achieved first class passes.

Angie said: “I’m very, very proud of them all and the hard work they put in to gain such great results.”

l Now in its 21st year, the club trains at The Meres leisure centre every Wednesday at 6.45pm. Angie is looking at running an adult only class in the near future if the interest is there. Email Angie at