MARTIAL ARTS: Village club celebrates success

Bottesford Karate Club's successful students.
Bottesford Karate Club's successful students.
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BOTTESFORD Karate Club is celebrating another success following a grading day last Sunday.

There was a great turn out on the day with the majority of the clubs members taking their grades, with a 100 per cent pass rate.

The grading was presided over by Sensei Bill Powell who said how impressed he was with the standard. He said: “It was obvious that everyone had worked hard during the lessons.”

Club instructor Graeme Walden said that the club was going from strength to strength and now boasts more than 30 members, many of them mums and dads training with their children. Graeme said: “We are a real family club.”

Bottesford Karate Club’s successful students are Alison Lyons 5th Kyu, Holly Lyons 5th Kyu, Garry Brown 5th Kyu, Iain Murray, 5th Kyu, Samuel Murray 6th Kyu, Clive Henderson 5th Kyu, Joseph Hayes 6th Kyu, Thomas Stokes 6th Kyu, Nathan Meek 6th Kyu, Sarah Henderson 6th Kyu, Michael Scaum 5th Kyu, Oscar Owen 6th Kyu, Oisin Castro 8th Kyu, Oliver Thomas 8th Kyu, Simone Thomas 8th Kyu, Lesley Arthur 8th Kyu, Jack Arthur 8th Kyu, Emily Lyons 8th Kyu, Rebecca Coates 8th Kyu, Anais Castro 9th Kyu, Molly Scaum 9th Kyu.

l If you are interested in joining Bottesford Karate Club contact Graeme on 01476 571677 (answer machine) or visit