Results from Belvoir and Grantham bowls leagues

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Belvoir League


Harlaxton 102

Radcliffe 70

J. Leadenham, J. Barker and P. McHugh won 36-15; M. Nix, P. Johnson and C. Johnson won 23-14; V. Newton, A. Newton and C. Jones won 23-20; H. Fisher, D. Hill and David Hill lost 20-21.

St James Park 77

Arnoldfield 96

St James Park names first - D. Fox, R. Fardell and R. Chambers lost to A. Stafford, J. Gale and C. Goodley 15-34; K. Marshall, A. Kirk and E. Walker beat D. Warren, J. Franklin and A. Alexander 27-13; B. Kirk, N. Marshall and R. Fox lost to C. Arthur, R. Cady and A. Arthur 16-23; M. Mills, A. Frankish and I. Sankey lost to D. Marshall, V. Bromley and L. Bromley 19-26.

Grantham League


Arnoldfield 57

Swayfield 34

Arnoldfield names first - D. Marshall, L. Bromley and A. Alexander beat B. Marston, J. Bainbridge and N. Davis 15-8; D. Crennell, M. Watt and A. Arthur beat M. Sharp, I. Richardson and R. Selby 21-14; C. Arthur, A. Stafford and C. Goodley beat B. Cooper, S. Wilson and T. Harwood 21-12.

Friday League

Dysart Park 107

Vacu-Lug B 50

Dysart Park names first - P. Newton, R. Smith and M. Holby beat V. Cryer, J. Nicholson and M. Allen 43-4; L. Thompson, J. Sayer and C. Bland beat S. Balfe, I. Kettle and P. Balfe 20-24; E. Wakeland and B. Veasey beat S. Davies and G. Stafford 31-8; S. Yates and C. Dexter lost to D. Dryer and C. Abbott 24.