TAE KWON-DO: 100% pass rate for Grantham and Corby Glen martial artists

Grantham and Corby Glen Tae Kwon-Do Club members.
Grantham and Corby Glen Tae Kwon-Do Club members.
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Members of Corby Glen and Grantham Tae Kwon-Do Club took their belt promotions aat Northgate Sports Centre, Sleaford – with a 100 per cent pass rate.

Club instructors Malcolm Scholes (8th dan) and Jill Pearce (7th dan) were pleased with the high standard for the final test of the year.

The day finished with a fun session with the juniors.

Results: 1st kup green belt – Angran Yue, Charlotte Lee; 2nd kup red belt – Poorav Pushparaj, Vidhu Silva; 3rd kup blue belt – Jennifer Groves; 4th kup blue belt – Pete Rajesh, Kaviru De Zoysa, Ginuri De Zoysa, Harrison Shreeve, David Hawkins; 5th kup green belt – Isabelle Linsley, India Lee; 6th kup green belt – Jane Palmer; 7th kup yellow belt – Imran Sabir, Muhammad Imran, Rija Imran, Spencer Bannister, Jacob Bannister; 8th kup yellow belt – Francesca Hall; 9th kup white belt – Lexie Hardy, Rio Rippin, Troy Barber, Ovindu Weerasingh, Vihanga Weerasingh, Melisa Jayakady.

Junior class promotions – Alfie Muffitt, Jack Holder, Firdaus Khan, Julia Gacka, Cyprian Gacki, Kasper Lazarek, Clya Stephens-Daniel, Harris Manson, Daniel Ebreo, William Brumitt, Brodie Hawkins, Hasham Akram, Dzeyoyu Kircynski.

l Club enrolment for all ages will take place in January. For enquiries, call 07735 258155.