TENNIS: Grantham men lose first match of season

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GRANTHAM Tennis Club men’s fifth team contested their first match of the summer season against Collingham.

Despite the local team’s efforts the match was won by Collingham, 97 games to 38. The team comprised regulars David Hall, Chris Thurlow and Ben Howbrook, with men’s doubles debutants Dominic Newcombe, Ian Tinkley and Pete Smith.

The men’s Lincolnshire summer fixtures have begun with Grantham 2nd starting their season for the first time in Division One. Despite a strong effort, the quality of opposition proved too much when travelling to Burton Waters in Lincoln. The team consisted of Ed Milner and Andrew Isaac, Nigel Birch and Mark Ottey and Josh and Toby King, and Andrew Isaac.

The winter matches were almost completed with the men’s first team needing 48 games to stay in Division Two for next season, and narrowly managed the job by winning 52. The team were James Drennan and Richard Cummins, Daniel Mole and Richard Cragg, and Ilya Paulavets and Martin Garrett.

The final mixed doubles match for Grantham’s second team saw Lorraine Walton and David Todd, Elaine Pulfree and Colin Walton, and Jill Pindar and Paul Kennedy do battle with Sutton in Ashfield to fight relegation. A 64-44 win almost guaranteed Grantham’s position next season.

All Sunday’s matches were cancelled due to the rain.