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The latest local sports news.
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Latest bowls results:

Two Wood League

Swayfield 63 Vacu-Lug 98 (Swayfield names first): M. Sharp, D. Ward, T. Harwood 13 M. Allen, S. Davies, P. Musson 22; G. Jenkins I. Richardson, H. Mumby 18, S. Atter, R. Atter, K. Lilley 25; B. Marston, W. Flowers 10 G. Taylor, B. Allen 36, M. Lyon, J. Bainbridge 22 P. Armstrong, P. Balfe 15.

ASC League

Grantham 58 Moorlands Railway 43: K. Duke, J. Kime, B. Sowerby 21 A. Scott, L. Clarite, M. Wright 13; J. Asher T. Asher, Jay Lewis 15 M. Clarke, M. Thompson 17; I. Ludwig, R. Smith, Joe Lewis 22, C. Smith, L. Wright, R. Stamp 13.

Lincs League

Grantham 57 Sleaford 45: J. Duke, J. Kime, N. Smith, N. Orrey 14 R. Wilson, H. Moore, N. Mabletoft, A. Bird 14, J. Asher, T. Asher, Jay Lewis, T. Berridge 28 J. Parker, R. Neaverson, R. Marcham, D. Smith 7; J. Tinkley, B. Johnson, B. Smith, Joe Lewis 15 M. Titley, P. Musson, R. Barnes, P. Jobson 24.

Belvoir League

Grantham 65 Bingham Red 58: T. Asher, J. Asher, T. Berridge 16 K. Paterson, B. Davey, S. Moncaster 20, T. Sumner, T. Costic, Joe Lewis 18 T. Aspinall, I. Cole, B. Morris 14; I. Ludwig, B. Johnson, A. Ludwig 16 P. Jaques, C. Parker, K. Bell 16; J. Duke, J. KIme, Jay Lewis 15 J. Jones, J. Tyler, P. Robinson 8.

Grantham Three Wood

Grantham 51 Corby Glen 40: J. Duke, T. Asher. Joe Lewis 13 L. Roberts, J. Beaton, J. Simpson 17, R. Sumner, R. Sowerby, Jay Lewis 26 T. Ray, T. Dawson, M. Beaton 7, J. Asher, P. Riches, N. Smith 12 C. Osborne, J. Boother, P. Bowles 16.