Town boxer Lawrence is victorious in debut bout

Lawrence Fiorentino
Lawrence Fiorentino
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GRANTHAM Amateur Boxing Club’s latest prodigy impressed with a win in his debut bout for the club.

Middleweight Lawrence Fiorentino went toe to toe with Damon Eaton (Splash Fit ABC) on the Derby fighter’s home turf.

But Lawrence was unfazed by the lack of home advantage and dominated the opening round, catching Eaton with hard left-right combination punches.

Lawrence noticed Eaton’s boxing beginning to get a little untidy towards the end of the first round and he took full advantage of the opportunity, again catching his man with some strong right-hand punches that had the Derby fighter wobbling.

The second round went very much the same as the first, with Lawrence pushing forward and catching Eaton off-guard.

Midway through the round, Lawrence landed a strong series of right-hand punches. The flurry of blows caught the attention of the referee who gave Eaton a standing count of eight, after which the Derby boxer decided enough was enough and threw in the towel.

Grantham ABC head coach Dean Fardell praised his charge’s performance in front of the hostile Derby crowd and said he thought Lawrence had a good future in the sport. He said he had expected Lawrence to win but not in such a convincing  way.

Dean said: “We knew he had the tools to do the job, but away from home, that’s a daunting prospect. To do that away from home is a magnificent achievement. It’s a massive boost but I have told him the next one might not be so easy.

“Lawrence is a naturally talented boxer. He is a good thinker and a good listener. He could go somewhere with it. He wants to do well and that’s half the battle.”

Lawrence spent half a season with Grantham ABC last year before spending a full season this time round and Dean said he had come on in leaps and bounds, and that it was unfortunate the season has just ended.

Dean said: “It’s a shame it’s the end of season. We’ve just got to wait now, but we will take him to Lincoln for some sparring.”

l Grantham ABC trains at its own premises at the rear of Alexandra Road. Call Dean on 01476 568657 for more information.