A warm welcome at the Rustique cafe

Scene Setter of Rustique Cafe. 585C
Scene Setter of Rustique Cafe. 585C
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GOING into the Rustique Cafe, in Blue Court, Grantham, is like walking into a friend’s house.

I was immediately greeted by the warmth in the room, with diners chatting away.

The cafe is not very big and therefore you could feel like you are standing in the way, if all you want is a takeaway sandwich, but the woman behind the counter quickly dispelled any of those thoughts.

She greeted me with a big smile and nothing was too much trouble.

As the tables were full of customers, a menu was not easy to find without disturbing people but this was not a problem for me as I had already spotted the specials board.

I chose a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.

She asked if I would like it toasted and if it would be more convenient to come back or if I would like to wait.

The server really couldn't have been more helpful.

She then went upstairs to prepare my lunch.

By the time she had returned I noticed the hot chocolate display on the counter and was wondering whether they would do hot drinks to take away or if I only had the choice of a can.

Given the fantastic level of service I needn't have doubted it and seconds later she was frothing up the milk for my drink.

Finally I chose the last double chocolate muffin that was on display on the counter.

After returning to the office I unpacked the paper bag, which contained two baked potato size polystyrene containers.

My bagel, which was nicely toasted, was still warm and full of smoked salmon. It even had a slice of lemon on top. It was really tasty.

The only negative I could find, and this is being really fussy, is that it was a bit squashed into the container.

The Cadbury's hot chocolate was nice and the woman even wrapped the cup with a napkin so it didn't burn my hand.

And the muffin was a really tasty lunch time treat.

What really surprised me was that after all of that I was only charged £4.20. I don't think it would cost much less to make myself!

I will definitely be going back, I think next time I will try a jacket potato.

Review by Suzie Pike