A Lion with a good heart

CARTOON - 4/9/2012
CARTOON - 4/9/2012
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VARIOUS local charities and good causes are supported by members of the Grantham Lions Club every year.

And one Lion who has carried out the club’s work with passion and dedication is Godfrey Mackinder.

Godfrey is certainly a great Granthamian, having played an integral part in raising thousands of pounds for causes locally during his 23 years as a member.

He is a past president, and led the club last year, in the year the Grantham club celebrated its 40th charter anniversary.

Grantham Lions do such good work in the community as volunteers as well as making donations to charitable causes. Godfrey was one of several who have delivered food parcels to poor families in the Grantham area, and he also helps to organise the annual variety concert for people over 60, which takes place at Walton Girls’ High School.

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne