Caricature: Grantham music shop owner Dave Morgan

Cartoon - Dave Morgan.
Cartoon - Dave Morgan.
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Avid collector Dave Morgan opened Time Machine Records in Westgate, Grantham, in 1986.

Previously he ran Airwave Music in Castlegate, when music fans had three other specialist shops in town to choose from.

Dave, who is 64 and married to Helena, went to the Charles Read School at Corby Glen and did a craft apprenticeship at the Grantham Journal.

Dave says his favourite artists to collect are The Everly Brothers.

His love of music was shaped by his father Danny playing 78s by Fats Domino and Little Richard.

Dave was born in Manchester and at the age of four moved to Ropsley, where he lives today.

A model made by Dave of the High Street in the 1950s is on display in the town museum.

Time Machine sells a wide range of vinyl and CD records and the shop is lined with colourful items from Dave’s collection.

He says vinyl is enjoying a resurgence, especially among young people.

The shop is open most days until noon and every Saturday.

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne