Caricature: Grantham war veteran Fred Glover

Cartoon - Fred Glover
Cartoon - Fred Glover
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Leicestershire-born Second World War hero Fred Glover will celebrate his 90th birthday later this year.

Having served in the Royal Navy from 1941 to 1946, he fought for the majority of the war. He told the Journal of a time his ship almost succumbed to a torpedo off the coast of France - but he lived to tell the tale!

From time to time, he is still in touch with several other War veterans from his time in the Navy.

After leaving the Navy, Fred continued to live in Leicestershire for some time, before moving to his current home of Grantham in the 1970s.

For the rest of his career, he ran a butcher’s shop in Dudley Road for around 20 years, but the original location was regenerated into a block of flats.

Fred has continued his passion for fishing since his retirement, and has two sons, Nigel and Mark.

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne