Caricature: Laura and Bruno are a right pair!

Caricature: Laura Doughty. By Terry Shelbourne
Caricature: Laura Doughty. By Terry Shelbourne
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Not everyone will have heard of Laura Doughty, but you may very well have seen her working at Grantham’s Guildhall Art’s Centre, easy recognisable by her trademark golden hoop earrings.

Otherwise, Laura may be seen walking her dog, Bruno, whom she describes as: “The only loyal man in my life. I’ve had him for four years and he’s a a member of the family.”

After arriving in Grantham aged 12 and being educated at Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School, Laura worked at the city council in Nottingham for a few years before deciding to take a break to have her four children.

Now she works at the Guildhall Arts Centre, in St Peter’s Hill, where she has been for for five years.

She describes her job there as being enjoyable, adding: “It’s very sociable and entertaining at times. I’ve met a wide range of people in this job and we’ve had some odd questions asked by members of the public in the past.”

Laura lists dog-walking as her hobby and admits that, with four children and a second job at a local Chinese restaurant, she doesn’t have much time for anything else.