Caricature: Malcolm Baxter

Malcolm Baxter.
Malcolm Baxter.
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First World War authority Malcolm Baxter is helping to ensure the youngsters of today do not forget the sacrifices made by their great-grandparents.

Malcolm gives regular talks on the old Machine Gun Corps which was based at Belton Park during the First World War.

He said: “I lived in Queensway when I was young and my dad used to tell me about the Machine Gun Corps being just across the road in Belton Park so I got interested from there.

“My grandfather served in the Lincolnshire Regiment and I used to go on quite a few battlefield trips to places like Gallipoli and the Somme.”

Mr Baxter also works as a caretaker at Belmont Community Primary School and recently put on a talk there for the children.

He said: “I took in some gas masks - from baby to adult - and bells and whistles and they were very, very interested.

“ I also told them about some of the bombings in Grantham because both my mum and dad lived in streets that were bombed.”