Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre exhibition will pay tribute to female aviators from around the world

No introduction needed: Amy Johnson.
No introduction needed: Amy Johnson.
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Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre’s forthcoming exhibition ‘High Flying Women – Pioneering Aviators’ will open to the public on April 1, telling the stories of female aviators from around the world.

The exhibition will enable visitors to discover these remarkable women and their love of flight, speed, adventure and service for their countries.

Bessie Coleman - the first African American pilot.

Bessie Coleman - the first African American pilot.

Equally important, the exhibition will examine their struggles and rebellion against the conventions of their respective times, in order to realise their dreams; and how they fearlessly took to the air when aviation was a far greater risk than it is today.

It will also show that wealth or indeed a lack of it was not an inhibitor of their ambitions.

The exhibition will also highlight the role women played in nursing wounded aircrew, against the conventions of the day.

See how these extraordinary women took different paths to achieve their dream, including entertainment, endurance racing, military and nursing service. They all were, and still are, reminders that any dream is possible with determination and tenacity.

This exhibition is open to the public from Saturday, April 1 to Sunday September 24. Admission is free.

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