Grantham Journal caricature: Richard Coppin

Richard Coppin.
Richard Coppin.
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Richard Coppin has made his mark on Grantham by creating illustrations which will be seen by generations to come.

Richard is the man behind the drawings featured on information signboards in Conduit Lane, St Peter’s Hill and at St Wulfram’s Church.

He was commissioned by the Grantham Civic Society to provide the illustrations, which are viewed by local people and visitors to the town.

At the official launch of the signboard in St Peter’s Hill earlier this month, Richard said: “It’s an honour to be asked to do it.

“These are things that are going to be in town long after I’m gone, hopefully, so I’m pleased to be able to leave something behind.”

Richard also runs Grantham Now magazine with his wife Andrea.

He has also used his writing skills to publish a novel. Having released The Cyclist almost a decade ago, he has recently re-released it as an e-book, embracing steps in technology.