Grantham Journal Cartoon: Tony Hook

Tony Hook
Tony Hook
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Korea veteran Tony Hook may be a familiar face to Journal readers for any number of reasons.

You may have come across Mr Hook while he is raising money for the South Lincolnshire branch of the British Korean Veterans Association. Or maybe you recall his time as a junior reporter at the Grantham Journal. Or perhaps as a serving policeman in the county. Or possibly as a funeral director. You may even have seen him acting on stage for any number of groups including Grantham Dramatic Society and St Peter’s Hill Players.

Mr Hook said: “I had 20 years in pantomime too...always as the dame.”

Mr Hook attended Central School in his youth and recalls one getting on the wrong side of a junior teacher called Margaret Thatcher, nee Roberts.

He said: “We always used to play tricks on the younger teachers so I - being the shy, retiring type - tried to bung the Bunsen burner up with paper but I forgot to look where she was. She came up behind me and boxed my ears!”