Grantham Museum to host a Celebration of Stitch Day

Grantham Museum. ENGEMN00120140129113847
Grantham Museum. ENGEMN00120140129113847
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Grantham Museum will host a Celebration of Stitch Day on Saturday (August 1).

The day is organised nationally by the Embroiderers Guild, and in Grantham by local branch ‘Layers of Stitch’ - Embroiderers Guild Grantham (EGG).

The day promotes embroidery by stitching in a public place and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sew or have never threaded a needle - the organisers will show you how. Learn to sew on a button and stitch a hem, or do some more advanced embroidery and take your creations home with you.

Experienced stitchers are also welcome to take their stitching and join in. There will be lots of activities for children and the day is ideal for all ages.

EGG is collaborating with the Museum in an exhibition ‘Embroidery into the 21st Century’ which will open on Thursday, September 17.