Grantham School of Dance pupils are celebrating a successful year

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As pupils of the Grantham School of Dance prepare for their annual production in the summer, they have been reflecting on the past year.

The last 12 months has seen them perform free of charge at over 20 venues as part of their drive to “give back to the community”.
Among them were Harlaxton Manor, Belton Woods Hotel, Gregory House, Chameleon Music Bar, the Guildhall Arts Centre, The Meres Leisure Centre and even as far as Doncaster’s folk festival and Leicester’s Batemans Brewery.

The school’s Jill Anderson said: “A massive well done to all dancers for your passion, hard work and commitment; your star quality speaks for itself.
“Looking forward to this year’s production which we know will be outstanding as always. Keep on dancing!”


Acrobatic Examination results-All passed: Rhianna Large, Imogen Cleary. Savannah Wright, Ella Hulse, Sophie Eyles, Millie Townsend, Jessica Calvert, Heidi Henderson, Cara Arthurs, Imogen Evans-Abraham, Sophie Timms, Emily Calvert, Sophie James, Grace Sellars, Mia Nesbitt, Bethany Marley, Faye Brandreth.

Prepatory: Highly Commended; Cara Arthurs, Sophie Eyles, Emily Calvert, Sophie Timms, Grace sellars, Libby Comtois, Faye Brandreth, Savannah Wright, Mia Nesbitt.

Grade 1: Commended; Libby Comtois, Lacey-May Powell

Highly Commended- Faye Brandreth

Grade 2: Highly Commended ; Faye Brandreth, Eleanor Bailey, Olivia Graves, Lily Chow

Grade 3: Pass Plus; Keira Tyres

Commended; Olivia sharpe, Taylor-Eaton Gray, Rebekah Temple Fielder

Highly Commended ; Nladdison Barrand, Chloe Hull

Grade 4: Honours; Alisha Tyers

Grade 5: Honours; Lucy Frisby

Intermediate: Honours; Levi Scothern, Jemima Humber-Thomas, Sophie Wright

Modern Examination Results

Grade 1: Merit; Libby Camtois, Sapphire Read, Chloe Winch

Distinction; Alice Rossington, Lacey-may Powell, Cerys Arthurs, Daisy knightly, Thea Batey, Jessica Winch, Jessica Levick, Hannah Nicholls, Evie Whitfield, Lilly Gadd, Mia Nesbitt, Sophie Timms, Savannah Wright, Sophie Eyles.

Grade 2: Distinction Eleanor Oakes, Isobel Fern, Rebekah temple-fielder, Faye Brandreth, Lynsey Evans, Lucy Frisby, Grace smith, Lauryn Gavely, Olivia Sharpe.

Grade 3: Distinction; Katie Turner, Jessica Baker

Grade 4: Merit; Hannah Berwick, Shannon Morton, Rachael Williams

Distinction; Maisie Schaper, Emma Collishaw, Rebecca Mahoney

Grade 5: Merit; Abigail Taylor

Distinction; Ellie Chappel, Jessica Burgess

Inter Foundation: Merit; Heather Odell

Distinction; Sophie Wright, Bethany Bird, Hayley Money, Luisa Evans , Lucy-Ame Stacey

Imperial Ballet Examination Results

Primary Grade: Distinction; Jasmine Hendry, Connie Phillips, Lilly Gadd, Hannah Nicholls, Evie whitfield, Mia Nesbitt, Savannah Wright, Sophie Eyles, Wicktoria De Andrade, Sapphire Read, Stephanie Pereira, Cara Aldenhaff-Kelly

Grade 1: Merit; Freya Hall, Naomi Seccombe

Distinction; Jessica Baker, Lauryn Govely, Brooke Welsh, Alice Rossington, Kerry Lovett, Rebekah Temple-Fielder, Faye Brandreth, Grace Smith

Grade 2: Merit; Brooke Marks, Jessica Bailey

Distinction; Lucy Frisby, Courtney white, Olivia Sharpe

Grade 3: Merit; Nadia Mycuik

Distinction; Rebecca Mahoney, Emily Warren, Katie Turner, ChloeHull, Shannon Morton, Rachael Williams.

Grade 4: Merit; Lauren Herbert, Jessica Burgess, Abbie Green, Elizabeth Offiler

Distinction; Maisie Schafer, Hannah Williamson

Grade 5: Merit; Lucia Evans

Distinction; Lucy-Anne Stacey

Grade 6: Distinction; Georgia Lane, Hayley Money, Emma Dinon, Bethany Bird, Lucy-Anne Stacey, Emily Wells, Katie Muffett

Tap Examination Results

Grade 1: Merit; Cassandra Campbell, Leah Maslin

Distinction; Freya Warren, Alice Rossington, Kerry Lovett, Daisy Knightly, Olivia Graves, Brooke Welsh, Grace Smith, Aaron Temple-Fielder, Sanchiela Sadanand, Keira Tyers

Grade 2: Merit; Olivia Sharpe

Distinction; Lucy walker, abbie Phillips, Bethan Smith, Isabella Rossington, Rebekah Temple-Fielder, Chelsea smith

Grade 3: Distinction; Rachael Williams, Alex Williams, Eleanor Oakes

Grade 4: Merit; Nadia Mycuik, Katie Turner

Distinction; Lucy-Anne Stacey, Charlotte Craig, Shannon Morton, Jessica Bailey

Grade 5: Merit; Laura Bolshaw

Distinction; Maisie Shafer, Lauren Herbert, Charlotte Beard, Robin Trigg

Grade 6: Merit; Bethany Bird, Levi Scothern, Eleanor Scarborough, Emily Kay, Lucia Evans

Distinction; Ellie Chappell

Intermediate: Merit; Anna Lacey

Distinction; Heather Odell, Elizabeth Offilier

Advanced 1: Merit; Anna Lacey

Distinction; Georgia rogers, Amy Berwick, Georgia Lane

Advanced 2: Distinction; Hollie-Mae Lane