MP is familiar local face

CARTOON -  12/6/2012
CARTOON - 12/6/2012
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MP Nick Boles is this week’s famous face.

Elected as Conservative MP in the last general election, Nick took over the reins from former MP Quentin Davies.

His first foray into the world of politics was in 1998, when he was elected as a councillor in London. He became MP for Grantham and Stamford in 2010, and as well as touring local schools and businesses, he is a regular guest at functions and fund-raisers.

Nick and his partner, Shay Meshulam, were joined in a civil partnership ceremony in London in March last year, and the pair live together in Wyville, near Grantham.

Nick was brought up on his family’s sheep farm in Devon, where his parents remain. After school, he spent several months teaching English and Bible studies in a small school in Zimbabwe, before going on to study at Oxford and Harvard universities.

Before politics, he ran a DIY supply business.

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne.