Paul’s not poker-faced

Cartoon: Paul Hayward.
Cartoon: Paul Hayward.
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LIFELONG Arsenal fan Paul Hayward has run his own accountancy practice in Grantham for more than 20 years.

Paul held a season ticket to Highbury before the team moved to the Emirates Stadium and while he has travelled around Europe with the Gunners in years past, he has now taken to armchair pursuits.

Among these is a weekly trip to Nottingham to play in a poker tournament, which Paul has attended for more than a decade.

As much as he would like to say he is the most gifted artist in the household, Paul proudly admits his wife holds that title. Margaret Hayward, a talented painter, has her work on display in the George Centre on the last Saturday of every month.

Paul has been a subject of a caricature before and he said they share many of the same themes...but what are the burning books and beer all about?

Caricature by Terry Shelbourne