Terry Shelbourne caricature: Trade Aid founder John Asher

Terry Shelbourne caricature of John Asher.
Terry Shelbourne caricature of John Asher.
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John Asher is a businessman and the founder of a charity which has gained international recognition for its incredible work.

Through the Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven, Rotarian John set up Trade Aid in 2007 to help communities blighted by natural disasters, civil wars and other turmoil, rebuild their own lives and communities.

Tool boxes packed with carefully selected items are sent out to these areas at the request of other charities and aid agencies. There are seven different tool boxes: builder, carpenter, blacksmith, mechanic, tailor/seamstress, teacher and handyman.

Boxes have been sent out to places like Haiti and China following the earthquakes which hit both of those countries in recent years.

With each box costing around £399, John also spends much of his time raising money for the charity and raising awareness of its work.

John is also the owner of a successful business in Asher Swimpool Centre in Fulbeck.

For more on Trade Aid log on to www.trade-aid.org