Delicious strawberries at Syston Park near Grantham

With their haul of strawberries picked from Syton Park Fruit Farm are Luke and Josh Bond.
With their haul of strawberries picked from Syton Park Fruit Farm are Luke and Josh Bond.
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A SUMMER’S day spent picking strawberries was a lovely treat.

I must have driven past Syston Park hundreds of times but never once paid it a visit. Now we’ve seen just how lovely it is - and how reasonably priced - we’ll be going much more often.

Syston Park is a great place to take the kids for a couple of hours. My partner and I took along his children, aged 10 and 12 and they loved it.

We parked the car and collected the baskets and plastic tubs from outside the farm shop before making our way to the fields. Colourful signs like those along the roadside directed us to the strawberry field, which already had a dozen or so people picking away.

It was great fun competing against each other to see who could pick the biggest strawberry. What made it all the more enjoyable was the warm, sunny weather, and although close to the busy A607 we couldn’t hear the traffic. Instead it was peaceful.

As I had a look around, I could see various other signs in the fields surrounding the farm shop, including those for tayberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Josh and Luke both loved picking their own strawberries, and were disappointed when their plastic tubs were full and it was time to go home.

At least, we thought it was time to head home - on seeing all that was on offer in the farm shop, I got carried away and spent quite some time browsing the shelves.

Vegetables, meats, cheeses, oils and more are on offer in the shop, and all at reasonable prices. The vegetables and fruit looked amazing, bigger and better than their counterparts on the supermarket shelves, and they were not particularly expensive either.

I picked up a couple of extra bits and headed to the till, where I was surprised how cheap the strawberries were. Four large punnets cost £8.68, and they tasted fantastic.

The kids enjoyed it so much they asked if we could go back and pick raspberries next time. Sounds good to me. And we plan to eat at the cafe next time.

Review by Marie Baker