Eating Out: Belton Garden Centre

Scene setter of Belton Garden Centre Coffee Shop. 861C
Scene setter of Belton Garden Centre Coffee Shop. 861C
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It was a cold, miserable day when my partner and I went for a mooch around Belton Garden Centre.

And so when we glanced at the menu at the centre’s coffee shop, an all-day breakfast was the only way to go. And it certainly hit the spot.

Both Gary and I ordered a breakfast and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. On the plate was all the usuals, plus a round of toast and butter on the side.

The food was clearly good quality and it was cooked well.

We washed it down with a pot of tea, of course.

What did let the coffee shop down a bit was the cleanliness. Almost every table was full when we walked through the door, a good sign that it is popular.

Perhaps it’s because it was a busy day that the tables hadn’t been wiped down. The few remaining tables were strewn with crumbs, empty packets and puddles of tea.

However, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed, and it was nice to see such a good rapport between the diners and the serving staff.

The coffee shop’s decor is quite quaint and it has a traditional feel, which we both liked. Plus parents can keep their little ones entertained in the little play area outside by the outdoor eating area.

The menu offers all the dishes you would expect to see, such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches and salads. I didn’t spot anything different or out of the ordinary, which would have been a nice touch.

I had a little nosy on the garden centre’s website, where there is a page about the coffee shop. It was interesting to find out its scones have been voted some of the best in Lincolnshire.

Another interesting titbit is the planned expansion of the coffee shop as part of the garden centre’s extension. Management are building a new coffee shop and restaurant which will seat more than 200 people.

Gary and I had chosen to eat out at Belton Garden Centre because we had heard great things about the selection of cakes on offer. And they did look lovely in the chilled cabinet.

How they tasted that day I will never know as we were both too full after the all-day breakfasts to managed another bite. It would only be right to make another trip to the coffee shop soon to try a cake and report back.

All in the interests of a thorough review of course.


Review by Marie Baker